Workshop at Rochester Regional introduces UPREP students to various health care career options

Workshop at Rochester Regional introduces UPREP students to various health care career options

Rochester Regional Health has recently partnered with a local charter school to encourage more young men to consider careers in health care. The system collaborated with middle school students from the University Preparatory Charter School (UPREP) for Young Men to host the third annual Men in Health Care workshop, which included 7th grader Joshua Leger among its participants.

Joshua Leger, a 7th-grade student at UPREP, shared that he has been interested in pursuing a career in health care since he was young, citing his personal experiences with medical professionals due to his cleft lip condition as inspiration. Having spent significant time in hospitals and with dentists, Leger developed a deep admiration for those who work in health care. Reflecting on his interactions with nurses, doctors, and dentists, Leger stated that their care and assistance in addressing his health issues motivated him to pursue a career in the industry.

Participating in the Men in Health Care workshop provided Leger and his classmates with a valuable opportunity to explore and learn more about the diverse roles within the health care field. Through hands-on activities and panel discussions with health care professionals, the 7th and 8th-grade students gained exposure to various career options in health care. Lonie Haynes, Rochester Regional’s chief diversity, health equity, inclusion, and justice officer, emphasized the importance of introducing students to the wide range of positions available in health care beyond nursing and physician roles.

Haynes highlighted the significance of targeting middle school students as they begin to establish a strong educational foundation necessary for pursuing careers in health care. By providing students with information about different pathways and opportunities in health care, especially young men of color, the workshop aimed to inspire and motivate the students to consider a sustainable career in the health care industry.

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