Women Pioneering in Data Science: Virginia Tech Hosts Networking Events to Encourage Female Participation

Empowering Women in Blacksburg with Data Science Opportunities

The growing field of data science is attracting more and more women, thanks to events hosted by Virginia Tech. On Monday, a networking mixer was held for anyone interested in data science, with the goal of increasing female participation in the field and encouraging women to pursue careers in data science. The US Census Bureau predicts a 35 percent increase in demand for data scientists by 2032, making it a lucrative and exciting career path for many.

Angie Patterson, a Professor of Practice in the Department of Statistics at Virginia Tech, emphasized the importance of providing opportunities for women to network and learn from successful women in the data science field. This year’s event focused on how women can gain visibility in data science, with a focus on providing role models for young women.

On Tuesday, a half-day conference with speakers from the field will be held to raise awareness about the work and promote diversity in data science. These events aim to provide women with the resources and support they need to succeed in the growing field of data science. By attending these events, women can gain valuable insights into the industry and connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion for data science.

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