Wisconsin Deer Hunting Season Boosts Business for Superior Stores

The Wisconsin deer hunting opener overlaps with the wrap-up of Minnesota’s rifle hunting season for deer, creating a unique opportunity for both states to share their experiences. Several hunting supplies stores gave helpful tips for making the most out of their hunting season.

Scott Miller, an employee from Northwest Outlet, said wearing layers and having wool socks does wonders on a hunting trip. “We’ve got this one weekend of overlap where there’s guys still hunting in Minnesota and everybody’s getting out and starting in Wisconsin,” he said. “Wisconsin hunters are hit it a little bit harder because they only have one week to get their gear.” However, he emphasized that safety should always be a top priority.

Pat Kukull, the co-owner of Superior Shooters Supply advised young hunters to have patience during the Wisconsin Deer Hunting season. “We had the big rush for Minnesota,” he said. “It’s not like years before, because you can buy your license at home online. And that makes a big difference. And I like to think that our customers are really prepared.” They sight their gun in early so they can make the most out of their hunt.

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