Will the Steelers Experience a Transformation with Matt Canada’s Dismissal?

The Steelers have made a significant change to their offensive coaching staff, with Matt Canada being removed from the booth and completely out of the stadium. This move comes just two days before Thanksgiving and has left many fans and analysts puzzled.

On one hand, the Steelers are currently a 6-4 team that is winning and relevant. They have been competitive throughout the season, but there are concerns about their offense. The team has been outgained every week, and they lack a clear identity, rhythm, or flow.

The offense’s poor performance was on full display on Sunday during the Jaylen Warren show. Despite having 10 total points, it was a chaotic game with multiple incidents involving receiver Diontae Johnson being carried away from a member of the coaching staff and head coach Mike Tomlin getting involved in a kerfuffle. Running back Najee Harris also made post-game comments indicating that he was at his breaking point.

It remains unclear how the offense will operate moving forward as we continue to press for more details. However, it appears that someone else will be running the show (running backs coach Eddie Faulkner) and calling the plays (quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan). It may not be an easy fix, but it is not impossible either. In December 2012, the Ravens fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and elevated Jim Caldwell into the job, ultimately winning the Super Bowl. However, Kenny Pickett in his second season is not Joe Flacco in his prime. He is serviceable but lacks big throws into tight spaces or limited mobility which may be contributing to their struggles this season.

There are rumors that Mitch Trubisky could be considered as an option by new offensive brain trust as an alternative to Kenny Pickett or even Justin Fields or Kyler Murray or Kirk Cousins for next year or beyond.

In conclusion, it is clear that something needs to change for the Steelers offense if they want to maintain their relevance and competitiveness in the league. The changes made to their coaching staff may provide some answers, but only time will tell if they can turn things around before it’s too late.

It’s worth noting that while Kenny Pickett has shown promise in his first season as starting quarterback for Pittsburgh Steelers he still lacks experience compared to other players on his team like Najee Harris who has already won two Super Bowls with Kansas City Chiefs .

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