Vukovar Construction Site Disregards Serbian Workers: No Room for Inaccuracy

The city of Vukovar has recently removed workers from Serbia who were installing devices to control parking spaces in public lots in the city center. However, there were no illegal activities found by the police when they were called to the scene. A video on social media surfaced, showing men with police emblems depicting a composition of Serbia that was disputed by the City of Vukovar. The video also showed the equipment used by the workers and their car.

Rumors have been spreading that the company’s employees from Serbia were actually engaged in counting people in tomorrow’s Column of Remembrance. However, the City has confirmed that this was not true and that the VU Smart Park system was installed through a public call last May. The City initiated a public procurement procedure to select contractors, and the company POSLOVNI SISTEMI TILIA doo from Zagreb was selected. A contract was signed with this company to complete the works within 4 months from the start date. The company did not inform the City in advance that they would engage subcontractors from the Republic of Serbia for the contracted works.

The company has confirmed that citizens of Serbia with inappropriate characteristics were removed from the construction site, but it is important to clarify that these workers were not engaged to count people in tomorrow’s Column of Remembrance. Additionally, it has been revealed that proper procedures were not followed by engaging subcontractors by this company which led to confusion among people about their role on site.

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