Violent Protests Erupt in Bulgaria as Hooligans Attack with Bombs, Prompting Police Response with Water Cannons

In the recent match between Hungary and Bulgaria for the European Championship, Hungary emerged victorious with a 2-2 draw. Despite the tie, the Hungarians were able to secure a place in the competition thanks to a single point.

However, before the game began, tensions ran high as hundreds of Bulgarian fans took to the streets in protest. They demanded the resignation of their association’s president, Borislav Mihailov. Just minutes before kickoff, fans began throwing improvised bombs, stones and plastic bottles at police officers. Trash cans were set on fire and water cannons were used in response. Several protesters were injured in the ensuing chaos.

The last straw for these fans was when it was announced that the match would be played in front of an empty stadium in central Sofia, with about 1,600 police officers sent to secure the area. The hooligans continued their rampage for over 20 minutes until they were chased into narrow streets by police officers.

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