USF Launches Groundbreaking Business Education App

Peabj, an app founded by Kamila Khasanova and Jordan Murti, has been helping business students at the University of South Florida (USF) connect with others for collaboration on projects since its launch a few months ago. Over 200 students at USF have already downloaded and are using the app, which is focused on building professional connections among business students and funded by the app’s founders.

One of the students who found a connection through the app is Sarthak Pattnaik, who introduced badminton to his friend, Nicholas Pacini, after meeting him through Peabj. Both are students at the MUMA College of Business at USF, and they credit the app with helping them establish a startup company. According to them, Peabj has fast-tracked their professional goal by helping them locate the right talent and connect with serious investors, leading to placement in competitive programs like Hustle, which provides funding for their startup company.

Although currently only being tested at USF, Peabj plans to eventually be open to students nationwide. The app has proven to be a valuable resource for business students at USF, facilitating connections and collaborations that have real-world applications.

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