Uros case: Aggravated aid fraud charges against Finnish technology company founders

Founders of Uros Technology Company Face Demands for Unconditional Imprisonment

The Uros case, currently being heard at the Oulu district court, involves charges of aggravated aid fraud against technology company founders Jyrki Hallikainen and Tommi Uhar. The prosecutor is seeking unconditional imprisonment for both individuals in connection to product development loans and grants totaling over six million euros that Uros received from Business Finland in the 2010s. Despite the company’s subsequent bankruptcy, the trial has commenced.

During the preliminary investigation, Hallikainen and Uhari denied any wrongdoing. However, according to the prosecution, they provided false information to Business Finland and withheld relevant information from the organization. It is unclear whether this misinformation was a deliberate act or a result of negligence on their part.

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