Upgrading B.C. Place for 2026 FIFA World Cup: The Costs and Benefits of Adding Two More Matches

Vancouver uncertain about hosting costs for 2026 FIFA World Cup with additional games

The City of Vancouver is facing new challenges in estimating the costs associated with hosting 2026 FIFA World Cup matches due to the addition of two additional games. Initially, the provincial government provided an estimate of $230 million for hosting five matches, with a significant portion allocated to event security. However, with two more games added to the schedule, this estimate is no longer accurate.

Discussions are underway between the city and FIFA to determine the anticipated costs and benefits of hosting the additional matches. While a specific date for releasing this information has not been set, it is clear that renovations to B.C. Place will be required to accommodate seven matches instead of five. PavCo, the Crown corporation that owns the stadium, issued a request for proposal in December for a construction manager to oversee necessary upgrades to the facility.

The renovations to B.C. Place are expected to include more VIP suites and hospitality space on the stadium’s third level, improvements to food-court concessions, renovation of washrooms, and the installation of additional elevators. Despite these added costs, the City of Vancouver remains optimistic about revenue opportunities that come with hosting seven matches instead of five. They are currently analyzing potential impacts and expect increased revenue from commercial partners and match day sales.

Overall, while still in early stages of assessing financial implications, Vancouver is hopeful that hosting these additional games will provide economic benefits for their city.

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