Unseen Surprise: South Florida Bulls Emerge as American Athletic Conference Tournament Contenders with Elite Defense

Top Picks for the American Athletic Conference Tournament: South Florida Bulls

South Florida Bulls are the surprise contenders for the American Athletic Conference Tournament, according to Vaughn Dalzell. The tournament features teams like FAU, SMU, Memphis, and USF, but South Florida stands out for its exceptional defense. Since February 1st, South Florida has been ranked as the 33rd team in the nation, boasting the 14th-best defense and three-point defense. In comparison, other teams like FAU, Memphis, North Texas, and SMU fall lower in these rankings.

While FAU, Memphis, and SMU have strong offensive capabilities, all ranking in the top 100 in offensive and defensive efficiency, South Florida’s focus on defense gives them an edge over their competitors. With only one loss in conference play since January 4th against UAB and currently on a 14-game winning streak, the longest in the nation

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