Unraveling the Link between Attractiveness and Social Advancement: A Study in the United States

Beauty aids men further

In the United States, a study has found that having an attractive appearance can aid in social advancement. The research, conducted by University of Oslo Alexi Gugushvili and Polish Academy of Sciences Grzegorz Bulczak, used data on US youth who were followed and interviewed from the 1990s to the 2010s to analyze the effects of attractiveness on social and professional success.

The study showed that both men and women benefited from attractive appearances, with men experiencing more professional advantages such as obtaining raises, promotions, and desired jobs. Women, on the other hand, saw benefits in terms of education and income although not as much as men.

The researchers suggested that their results may have been influenced by cultural factors specific to the United States. They also pointed out that it would be interesting to see if the same phenomenon exists in more equal countries such as Finland or Denmark.

An attractive appearance can impact subjective assessments of employers and teachers, which can ultimately affect an individual’s income and education. Overall, this study highlights the social and professional advantages that an attractive appearance can provide, especially for men.

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