Uneven Distribution of Women in Science and Engineering: European Union’s Gender Imbalance in Tech Occupations”.

Latvia recognized as a leader in promoting women in science and technology within the EU

Science and engineering occupations are not uniformly distributed among different sectors. While 46% of scientists and engineers in the service sector are women, only 22% of those in manufacturing are women.

Latvia has emerged as a leader in terms of the proportion of women employed in science and technology within the EU. This includes all occupations related to scientific and technological knowledge, such as technicians or associated professionals.

In 2022, Lithuania, the French region of Corse, and Latvia had the highest shares of women employed in science and technology occupations. On the other hand, regions with smaller proportions of females in these fields were recorded in Nord-Ovest Italy, Malta, and Sud Italy. These figures were released to coincide with International Women’s Day on February 11th.

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