Uncovering the Threat of U.S. Technology Export to Foreign Adversaries: A Journey through Homeland Security Investigations

Top DHS Official accuses China and Iran of theft of U.S. Technology

In order to address the threat of illegal exports of U.S. technology to foreign adversaries, the DHS is working tirelessly to prevent such activities from occurring. However, it’s a difficult task as the technology is smuggled out of the U.S., making it challenging to monitor and control. Once in China, it is further transferred to Iran where it’s used for developing sophisticated drone technologies, posing a significant risk to U.S. national security.

Jim Mancuso, an official from the Global Trade Division of Homeland Security Investigations emphasized the seriousness of this issue during a recent conference. He stated that U.S. technology has been found in recovered military equipment in China, Iran, and Russia, indicating that these countries are illegally acquiring technological resources from the U.S. Mancuso underscored the need for vigilance and investigation to prevent further exploitation of U.S. technology by foreign powers.

Mr. Mancuso also highlighted the significance of this threat to U.S national security as part of a bigger picture involving foreign powers posing a threat to our country’s security interests.

This ongoing issue demands immediate attention from relevant authorities and requires continuous efforts to stay one step ahead of adversaries and protect U

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