Unbeatable Victory: Gojun Dominates Opponents at Arena with Stunning Performance

In front of a packed Arena with 6500 fans, Zagreb had the opportunity to secure a victory over European runner-up Kielce in an intense match. However, both teams were forced to settle for a draw with the final score ending at 22-22.

Despite being disappointed by the lost point, Captain Jakov Gojun expressed that he was proud of the team and felt confident that they could continue to excel if they maintained their current level of play.

Coach Andrija Nikolić praised Kielce for their exceptional play and acknowledged that while Zagreb had two points in hand, they ultimately let them slip away. He also commended his players on their outstanding performance but noted that they could improve on their creativity and ideas during attacks.

In terms of Mandić’s performance, Nikolić was impressed by his consistency and skill despite his age. Overall, the match was thrilling and enjoyable for both teams and their fans, and Nikolić was pleased with how well his team played against such a formidable opponent.

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