UK Taxpayers Foot the Bill for Damages After Controversial Accusation: Professor Sang’s Ordeal and the Importance of Due Process in Academia

Science Secretary of UK settles taxpayer-funded damages with academic over false accusation of supporting Hamas

In the aftermath of a controversial incident, British taxpayers were left footing the bill for damages. This came about when Science Secretary Michelle Donelan publicly apologized and admitted that there was no evidence to support her accusation against academic Kate Sang. Sang, a professor at Heriot-Watt University, had been wrongly accused of sympathizing with Hamas, a terrorist group outlawed in Britain.

The controversy began when Sang tweeted a link to a news article about the government’s response to pro-Palestinian demonstrations following an attack by Hamas on Israel. Donelan complained to U.K. Research and Innovation (UKRI), demanding that Sang and another academic be removed from their advisory roles. However, an investigation conducted by UKRI concluded that there was no evidence of extremist views or support for Hamas by either academic.

As the matter was settled, Sang expressed relief that her name had been cleared but criticized Donelan and UKRI for their behavior throughout the ordeal. She announced that she would donate a portion of the financial settlement to charity as a way to move forward from the incident. Despite this setback, Sang vowed to continue her work in academia and use her platform to raise awareness about social justice issues.

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