Tyler Technologies Secures Five-Year Contract with State of Maryland for Digital Government Solutions

Tyler Technologies Wins Contract to Provide Digital Services in Maryland

Tyler Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of integrated software and technology services to the public sector, has been awarded a five-year contract to continue offering digital government solutions to the state of Maryland. This agreement, announced today, extends a 12-year partnership and includes the option for a five-year renewal at the discretion of the state. The contract emphasizes a cloud-hosted infrastructure, aiming to deliver secure, scalable platform solutions that are accessible to all Maryland residents.

Tyler Technologies is tasked with aligning with Maryland’s digital objectives and further enhancing the state’s technological services. Currently, Tyler Technologies supports over 160 digital services for Maryland, collaborating with 110 government entities. Notable projects include the Maryland Business Express and the official state website, Maryland.gov, both of which have received accolades for their service to businesses and citizens. Nancy Schmid, general manager for Tyler’s Maryland state enterprise, expressed pride in the company’s role in supporting the state’s technological advancements. “I know the work we do in partnership with the state will continue to positively impact people across Maryland,” she stated.

Tyler Technologies has a broad footprint in the public sector software and technology services industry, with more than 40,000 installations across nearly 13,000 locations worldwide. The company serves clients across all 50 states, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia

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