Two Percent GDP Target: Should It Be Increased or Is It Sufficient for European Defense?

The Next 10 Years Will Be Critical: Petteri Orpo Sounds the Alarm on Russia’s Growing Threat

The question of whether NATO’s recommended two percent of GDP is enough is being addressed by EU President Roberta Metsola and Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo. Metsola and Orpo are urging NATO member countries to meet the two percent GDP target set by the organization, which requires countries to spend an amount corresponding to two percent of their gross national product annually on defense.

However, Commander of the Defense Forces Timo Kivinen has stated that the two percent target is not sufficient for Europe, echoing concerns raised at a press conference held by Metsola and Orpo. Prime Minister Orpo emphasized the need for increased investment in defense industry and capacity in Europe, particularly in response to the growing threat from Russia. He stressed that all NATO countries should strive to achieve the two percent goal, as it is essential for preparedness in the face of potential long-term conflicts.

Metsola highlighted the difference between the EU and NATO, emphasizing the need for a real security and defense union within the European Parliament. She pointed out the importance of reaching the two percent GDP target, especially in light of Russia’s recent aggression towards Ukraine. Metsola commended Finland’s leadership in prioritizing preparedness and stressed the importance of using the EU’s peace fund to support member countries.

The ongoing support for Ukraine was also discussed, with Metsola expressing confidence in

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