Troy Record Reports on WSWHE Small Animal Science Program

Troy Record Reports on WSWHE Small Animal Science Program

Savanna Christman, a junior in the Washington-Saratoga-Warren-Hamilton-Essex (WSWHE) BOCES Small Animal Science Program, is pictured with her instructor, Carter Stevens, as they get ready to care for their classroom animals for the day. Christman has dreams of pursuing a career in pet care. This program provides students with hands-on experience and knowledge in caring for small animals, preparing them for future careers in the field.

The WSWHE BOCES Small Animal Science Program offers students like Christman the opportunity to gain valuable skills in animal care and handling. Through practical learning experiences, students develop a deep understanding of animal behavior and health. This program helps students explore various career paths in the animal care industry, including veterinary assistance, grooming, pet sitting, and more.

By participating in the Small Animal Science Program, students like Christman are able to combine their passion for animals with their educational goals. The program provides a supportive and engaging learning environment where students can grow and develop their skills. With guidance from experienced instructors like Stevens, students receive quality education and hands-on training that prepares them for success in the animal care industry.

Overall, the Small Animal Science Program at WSWHE BOCES equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue fulfilling careers in the field of animal care. Through hands-on learning experiences and mentorship from industry professionals, students are prepared for success in a variety of animal-related professions. As students like Christman continue to excel in the program, they are one step closer to achieving their dreams of working with animals professionally.

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