Triple Tragedy at DP World Tour Championship: Luiten’s Clubs Stolen from Tree

Joost Luiten, a professional golfer, faced a frustrating day at the DP World Tour Championships in Dubai when he lost three of his clubs up a tree. It all started when he made a bogey and threw his driver at the tree in anger. Unfortunately, the club got stuck in the tree’s branches and leaves. In an attempt to retrieve it, Luiten threw another club into the tree, but that too got caught up in the branches. Despite several attempts to dislodge the clubs with the help of a tournament official, Luiten ended up losing a third club in the process.

Luiten tried various methods to free the stuck clubs, including throwing other clubs at the tree and jumping to hit it with a standard bearer’s sign, but was ultimately unsuccessful. He completed the hole with 11 clubs and ended his championship three-over-par, placing third from the bottom. However, just as things were looking bleak for Luiten, a volunteer managed to rescue the lodged clubs.

Nicolai Hojgaard went on to win the tournament despite this unfortunate incident on course for Luiten. When asked about his experience, Luiten summed it up by saying “That sums up my week nicely.” This incident adds to the list of interesting occurrences in recent golf tournaments, such as Rory McIlroy’s tee shot landing on a spectator’s lap. Despite this setback, Luiten remains focused on improving his game and continues to compete in tournaments around the world.

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