Tragic Discovery in Airbnb Rental: Body Found in Sublet without Tenants Knowing

Tourists discover body in Airbnb apartment during vacation

In Hoenheim, a suburb of Strasbourg with 11,500 inhabitants, a vacationer made a shocking discovery when they entered an “Airbnb” apartment. They found the body of someone who had collapsed and remained in the apartment without anyone noticing. The only other person with a key to the apartment besides the tenants was the owner’s friend, who had been taking care of renting and cleaning the apartment on behalf of the owner.

The cause of the man’s death is still unclear, but the police believe it may have been from natural causes. An autopsy will be conducted this week to determine the exact cause of death. The rest of the content seems to be unrelated and does not appear to be directly related to the initial story about the discovery of the body in the Airbnb apartment. Therefore, we have omitted it for

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