Tragic Discovery: Ex-Commander of Russian Air Force’s 6th Army and Spouse Found Dead in Home

The bodies of retired Russian Air Force and Air Defense Forces Lieutenant General Vladimir Sviridov and his wife Tatiana were found in their home in Anzhievka village in the Mineralnye Vody region. Investigators have stated that the cause of death was not related to violence. Sviridov, a 68-year-old military veteran, had an impressive career, having graduated from the Stavropol Higher Military Aviation School, the Air Force Academy, and the General Staff Military Academy. He served as a pilot and squadron commander and held leadership roles in various military areas including the Far East, East Germany, and the North Caucasus. From 2009 until his retirement, he commanded the 6th Army, which is currently involved in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Despite this involvement, Sviridov never publicly discussed the war or expressed any opinions on it.

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