Top Hotel in the World Picked by Young Traveler

Bella first discovered Passalacqua on Instagram, where she saw brands like La DoubleJ host homeware launches featuring the hotel’s stunning gardens, pool, and little orange Fiat. She mentioned her desire to visit Lake Como, having recently binged on season two of White Lotus, which was shot in Sicily.

During their stay at Passalacqua, the Carnegie family enjoyed taking in the sights of Lake Como from the hotel’s terrace. Shortly after their visit, Passalacqua was named the number one hotel in the inaugural World’s 50 Best Hotels list in London on September 19. The rankings were determined by the 50 Best brand, which also compiles the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

Bella expressed mixed feelings about the news, saying that while she was surprised that it was rated the number one luxury hotel in the world, she also couldn’t help but feel unsurprised after her own experience there. The atmosphere at Passalacqua was so enjoyable that Bella had eagerly asked her dad if they could return the following year. However, he humorously replied that she would have to take on another job to afford it.

Passalacqua offers three different accommodation options: Villa, Palazzino and Casa al Lago and each suite is uniquely designed. Prices for a double room start at around €1210 ($2021) a night.

The success of Passalacqua can be attributed to its unique blend of luxury and history. The restored heritage villa offers guests a glimpse into Italy’s past while providing modern amenities and exceptional service. The hotel’s stunning location on Lake Como adds to its allure, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking a luxurious getaway surrounded by nature.

In addition to its luxurious accommodations and breathtaking views, Passalacqua also offers an array of activities for guests to enjoy during their stay. From exploring nearby towns to indulging in fine dining experiences at some of Italy’s top restaurants, there is something for everyone at this top-rated hotel.

Overall, Bella’s experience at Passalacqua solidified her love for Italy and reinforced her desire to return next year.

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