Top Business Headlines from The New York Times

On November 17, several significant stories were highlighted on the New York Times business pages. Unionized Starbucks workers engaged in a walkout as a means to draw attention to their demands for contract negotiations and to shed light on their concerns about staffing and scheduling issues. Meanwhile, a tentative contract agreement between General Motors and the United Auto Workers (UAW) union was ratified on Thursday, making GM workers the first of the Detroit Three automakers to approve the agreement.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced budget cuts to services on Thursday. These cuts would freeze police hiring and close libraries on Sundays. Mayor Adams also cautioned that further cuts would be necessary without additional federal funding to address the migrant crisis. In other news, SpaceX delayed the second test flight of its Starship rocket system to Saturday due to the need to replace a part on the rocket. Chief Executive Elon Musk shared this information on the social media platform X on Thursday.

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