TNO’s Optical Space Technology to be Commercialized

TNO’s Optical Space Technology to be Commercialized

TNO, a research institute, has recently announced a long-term collaboration with the commercial company FSO Instruments. With this partnership, the Delft-based company will work on developing laser communication technology for TNO satellites into commercial products. The agreement has a duration of twenty years, during which FSO Instruments will hold the worldwide rights to commercialize and industrialize TNO’s technology.

The optical technology being developed by TNO and FSO Instruments allows for faster and more secure broadband connectivity compared to currently used radio frequencies. This breakthrough is expected to give the Netherlands and Europe a competitive edge in the global market, which is rapidly growing due to increased data consumption.

TNO has a long history of developing optical instruments for use in space, primarily for astronomy and Earth observation. The rise in demand for laser communication technology is attributed to its ability to transmit data at much higher speeds than traditional radio frequencies, making it crucial for future global communications.

FSO Instruments, a collaboration between Demcon and VDL Groep, specializes in developing high-quality instruments for laser satellite communications. This technology enables the shaping and transmission of laser beams over long distances, connecting various entities such as ground stations, satellites, aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles. The speed at which data can be transmitted using this technology surpasses current radio frequency methods by a hundred to a thousand times, marking a significant advancement in global communication systems.

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