The Urgent Need for AI Advancements in Austria: A Call for Future-Promoting Economic Policies

Austria falls significantly behind in the field of artificial intelligence

As an industrialist, Hannes Androsch believes that the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) will be significant in all areas of life in the near future. Although he thinks the current excitement about the topic may be overstated, he stresses the importance of preparing for its influence. Androsch also points out that Europe, including Austria, is lagging behind in terms of research and training in AI compared to the Americans and Chinese.

Androsch criticizes the lack of support for schools and research spending in Austria, arguing that funding processes for research are too slow, putting them at a disadvantage in the fast-moving field of AI. He calls for more future-promoting economic policies that support innovations and technologies like AI, microelectronics, and biotechnology.

Clemens Wasner from AI Austria emphasizes that basic research in the digital world is no longer far removed from actual applications. He highlights the rapid development and mass market success of AI models, urging Austria to adapt and wake up to the pace of advancements in this field.

In conclusion, Androsch believes that significant improvements are needed in research, training, and economic policy in Austria to keep up with global advancements in AI and other technological innovations.

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