The latest beta version of the Spotify Premium app now includes music videos

The latest beta version of the Spotify Premium app now includes music videos

Spotify Premium has introduced music videos to its mobile app and desktop version, a feature that is currently in beta in some countries. The subscription for Spotify Premium is priced at 10.99 euros per month for individual accounts and 17.99 euros per month for Family accounts, which support up to 6 Premium accounts. Subscribers to this payment plan now have access to music videos in the platform’s library, which are displayed without ads and can be viewed full screen in horizontal orientation.

This new feature is not just a direct link to YouTube videos, but rather hosts the videos directly in the app. Currently, this option is only available in eleven countries, but will be expanded to other regions in the future. Spotify’s global vice president of consumer experience, Sten Garmark, mentioned that the company selected these markets based on criteria such as market size and local content support.

Users can access music videos from the ‘Now Playing’ tab, where they can switch to the video version of a song that has one. The feature is available on both iOS and Android devices, allowing users to easily switch between music and video playback. The desktop version also supports this feature, with information about the artist and song displayed in the right column.

While the initial set of music videos is limited, Spotify has obtained distribution rights for more content in the future. The company has prioritized a diverse range of genres and artists for the initial rollout of music videos. Additionally, users can also access this feature on smart TVs.

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