The Flaws in the Apple Vision Pro’s Discrete Vaping Feature: How Your Avatar is Exposed

This Is What Happens When You Vape with an Apple Vision Pro

Using the Apple Vision Pro during a FaceTime call, you cannot hide your vaping habit. The avatar that appears on screen will display a white blob over your face if you try to vape discreetly. This serves as a warning to those who may want to vape during calls.

While the Apple Vision Pro creates digital avatars, known as personas, of your face for FaceTime video calls while wearing the headset, these personas have been criticized for looking creepy and unflattering. Despite an update that slightly improved the personas, they are still not ideal.

The white blob that appears over your mouth when vaping is not related to the vapor itself but happens whenever your mouth is covered by something like a hand or a glass. Attempting to vape discreetly during a FaceTime call will not go unnoticed because of this feature.

During a recent FaceTime call with a friend who had recently purchased the Apple Vision Pro, I noticed the white blob appearing over his mouth whenever he was not speaking. It became clear that he was vaping, and the white blob was not related to the vapor itself. This experience highlights that the Apple Vision Pro will not allow you to secretly vape during FaceTime calls because it will give away your habit in no time.

In conclusion, using the Apple Vision Pro for a FaceTime call means you cannot secretly hit your vape without being detected through an avatar feature that displays a white blob over your face when trying to do so discreetly. The flaws in this feature continue despite some updates made in past times but it serves as an important reminder for those who want to maintain their privacy while having fun on video calls with friends and family members.

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