The economic repercussions of a government shutdown

The economic repercussions of a government shutdown

House lawmakers have introduced a $1.2 trillion spending bill in hopes of avoiding a government shutdown. The deadline for passing this bill is Friday at the end of the day. Representative David Valadao (R-22) expressed optimism that the bill will pass and prevent a shutdown from occurring.

If a shutdown were to happen, federal workers would be the first to feel the impacts. Non-essential workers, such as those in park and recreation services, would face immediate furloughs. Essential workers like airport controllers would be required to work without pay until the shutdown is resolved.

Gökçe Soydemir, a Foster Farms Professor of Business Economics at CSU Stanislaus, highlighted the potential impact on individuals who rely on government assistance programs like Snap. The uncertainty surrounding a shutdown creates a sense of unease among those who depend on these benefits.

Overall, the potential for a government shutdown raises concerns about its effects on the economy and the well-being of federal workers and program recipients. Representative Valadao remains hopeful that a shutdown can be avoided with the passing of the spending bill.

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