Tesla’s Berlin Factory Halts Production After Fire at Electricity Pylon: Was it Sabotage or Protest?

Suspected Arson Causes Tesla Factory in Germany to Halt Production

The fire at an electricity pylon in the nearby area caused power outages at Tesla’s Berlin factory on Tuesday morning. Despite this, the electric car maker’s building was deemed safe and workers were sent home as firefighters worked to control the blaze.

As a result of the incident, production at Tesla’s Berlin factory was halted. The Interior Minister for Brandenburg state condemned the act of sabotage and promised strict action, but cautioned against speculation about who was responsible. There are environmental activists protesting the factory’s expansion, with around 100 camping in the nearby forest. The activists deny involvement in the fire, which burnt the pylon and high-voltage wires.

Tesla aims to double the size of its only European factory, which currently produces 500,000 cars a year. Protestors are against the expansion as it would involve cutting down trees in the forest. The company has not provided a timeline for production to resume, stating that it is currently uncertain when operations can be expected to restart.

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