Tagging Michael Pittman Jr.: How Colts’ Decision Shapes Free Agent Landscape for Wide Receivers

Colts tag Michael Pittman Jr., further weakening already shallow WR class

The free agency landscape for wide receivers may be slim this year, especially if your favorite team has cap space to spare and is looking to address issues at the position. This week, the class of free agents took a hit with Mike Evans re-signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Michael Pittman Jr. being given the franchise tag by the Indianapolis Colts. While the tag is not exclusive and allows other teams to negotiate with Pittman, the Colts and Pittman will continue to work on a long-term deal.

The Colts opted to tag Pittman due to his impressive performance last season despite inconsistent quarterback play. At just 26 years old, Pittman has proven himself as a key player for the Colts since entering the league in 2020. The decision to tag Pittman showcases their commitment to him as a foundational player for their future success.

As a result of this move, teams may find it challenging to secure a reliable target in free agency. Options like Calvin Ridley and Marquise Brown are among the top receivers available, but their increasing value in recent years has made it rare for impactful players like Pittman to hit the market.

The increasing value of top receivers has further highlighted the significance of the Colts’ decision to retain Pittman. This move underscores their determination to secure a talented player who has already made a significant impact on their roster. As a result, teams with aspirations of bolstering their receiving corps in free agency may face limited options following the Colts’ decision to retain Pittman.

In conclusion, while there may be fewer options for wide receiver free agents this year, teams will still need to be strategic about securing reliable targets that can help them address their needs at the position. The Colts’ decision to retain Pittman highlights how valuable top receivers have become in recent years and underscores how important it is for teams with aspirations of success in free agency

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