Sweden Joins NATO: Official Flag-Raising Ceremony Marks a New Era in Collective Defense

Sweden set to join NATO on Monday, says Swedish media

On Monday at noon, the Swedish flag will be raised at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, officially marking Sweden’s membership in the defense alliance. According to TV4, this event will be attended by Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson and Commander of the Defense Forces Micael Bydén, with a press conference scheduled to take place simultaneously.

Sweden had applied for membership in NATO at the same time as Finland, and now both countries are proud members of NATO. The acceptance of Sweden into NATO was finalized when Hungary, the last of the NATO countries, signed Sweden’s NATO ratification on Tuesday.

In addition to the flag-raising ceremony, a press conference will be held at the NATO headquarters to commemorate Sweden’s official membership. This significant event highlights Sweden’s commitment to collective defense and security cooperation within the NATO alliance.

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