Surviving Against All Odds: The Abduction Torture and Urgently Needed Medical Attention of the Abductees

Neglected Treatment for Rescued Captive and Ill Luis Norberto Herr

The families of the abductees who survived the ordeal have shared harrowing accounts of their loved ones’ suffering from severe starvation and poor hygiene conditions. They have also revealed that the survivors did not receive necessary medical treatment, which has led to critical health concerns for some, including 70-year-old Luis Norberto Herr, who requires life-saving drugs to treat his diabetes and high blood pressure.

Prof. Hagai Levin, head of the medical department at the abductees’ headquarters, expressed deep concern about the survivors’ lives and the fate of other abductees in similar conditions. He emphasized that there are many abductees who suffer from chronic diseases that require urgent medical attention, and any delay in their treatment could lead to severe or irreversible damage. Despite promises from Qataris that proof of drug delivery would be provided to both families and French authorities, no evidence has been presented yet.

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The situation is extremely concerning as Luis’s medical condition remains unstable after tests despite being held in these deplorable conditions for an extended period. It is imperative that the relevant authorities take immediate action to address this humanitarian crisis and ensure that those held captive receive adequate care and attention before it is too late.

In summary, the situation of the surviving abductees remains dire due to a lack of proper medical treatment and unhygienic living conditions. The families are demanding answers from Qataris regarding their loved ones’ wellbeing while also raising awareness about various apps available on social media platforms related to this story.

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