Super Tuesday Shockwaves: Biden, Trump and Harris Faces Up for the Republican and Democratic Nominations

Trump states in Super Tuesday speech that the world is ridiculing us

Mr Trump finally took the stage at the party hours later, with one man shouting “We love you!” The crowd erupted into chants of “USA, USA, USA” throughout his speech. Despite his campaign underperforming as predicted, expectations remained high for him to win the primary in the next two weeks and secure the 1,215 delegates needed for victory at the Republican National Convention this summer. The final victory is expected on March 12 when Georgia, Mississippi, and Washington hold their state primaries. Results from Alaska were still pending at the time of writing.

On the Democratic side, Mr Biden won all but one of his votes in the primaries, losing only to Jason Palmer in American Samoa. Although he was expected to win among Democrat voters, Mr Biden saw disappointing results in Minnesota and Massachusetts following protests from liberal voters over the war in Gaza. In a statement, he emphasized that American voters would have a clear choice between chaos and division or economic progress. He criticized Mr Trump’s focus on grievance and grift, emphasizing the need for leadership focused on the American people.

Vice President Kamala Harris expressed that Super Tuesday was an energizing moment for their campaign, highlighting the fundamental threat to democracy posed by Mr Trump. She echoed Mr Biden’s sentiment that American voters had a clear choice to make in November’s election between standing up against division and chaos or allowing chaos and division to continue.

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