Suburban Railways Embrace Passenger Service for Financial Gain

The Suburban Train, operated by Ferrocarriles Suburbanos, has expressed its commitment to participating in public-private mobility projects in Mexico. This follows President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s announcement that the country’s railway lines will have a mixed service.

In an interview with The Conference, Max Noria, the director of Marketing for Suburban Railways, emphasized the company’s dedication to providing accessible and convenient transportation options for Mexican residents. He also expressed interest in the possibility of passenger trains returning to the country’s concessioned roads, as decreed by López Obrador.

Noria noted that investing in passenger rail systems not only benefits the company but also has social profitability. Surveys among Suburban project passengers indicate an improvement in their quality of life and its impact on the environment and territorial planning.

The Suburban Train operates a 25.5-kilometer electrified double track on the Buenavista-Cuautitlán route with five stations and two terminals. It consists of 20 four-car electric trains, with an initial investment financed by Fonadin and private participation. Despite winning the project in 2005, Ferrocarriles Suburbanos faced challenges due to external factors such as economic downturns and political instability. However, it remains committed to providing reliable and efficient transportation services to Mexican residents.

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