Study Reveals Increase in Frequent Cellular Storms in Zagreb

Last night, a thunderstorm occurred in the eastern part of the city, which lasted until around 2 o’clock. The thunderstorm was quite intense and caused some fear among residents. Although I have not yet received all the details about it, I am confident that tonight’s event can be linked to recent climate change. Branko Grisogono, a professor from Zagreb’s PMF, believes that things are becoming increasingly blurred in space and time. He commented on the unusual thunderstorm that occurred last night in Zagreb and how it differs from typical thunderstorms that occur in coastal regions.

Grisogono suggests that the cause of this particular storm is linked to climate change. He explains that due to the excess energy in the climate system, intense weather events are happening more frequently and unexpectedly than ever before. The professor also predicts that we can expect more intense weather events to occur in the future as our area is already several degrees warmer than it used to be.

Grisogono previously spoke about how one of the warmest winters awaits us so far and how this will lead to more extreme weather events. In conclusion, he believes that this winter will certainly be warmer than usual, and we can expect more severe weather conditions than ever before. As such, residents should prepare themselves for these potential disasters and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety during this season.

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