Strike in Austria planned from Thursday midnight to Friday lunchtime

Strike in Austria planned from Thursday midnight to Friday lunchtime

The Vida Union and staff representatives of Austrian Airlines have reached a critical point in their negotiations. After eight rounds of talks failed to produce an agreement for the flying staff, a strike has been announced. The strike is scheduled to begin next Thursday at midnight and last until midday on Friday, totaling 36 hours. This timing coincides with the busy Holy Week and Easter weekend, potentially causing disruptions for travelers.

The decision to strike was made unanimously, with a demand for the airline to make a better offer immediately to prevent the strike from occurring. The strike could still be averted if Austrian Airlines withdraws their previous offer and presents a more favorable proposal. Approximately 430 flights and 52,000 passengers are expected to be affected by the strike.

While the Vida Union has set a deadline of March 27th for reaching an agreement to avoid the strike, Austrian Airlines has expressed disappointment in the escalation of measures by the union and works council. The airline is committed to finding a solution that minimizes disruption for passengers and ensures a smooth Easter holiday travel experience.

Both parties have expressed the need for dialogue and negotiation to reach a resolution. The financial impact of a single day of strike action amounts to millions of euros for the company. As negotiations continue, the focus remains on finding a compromise that benefits both employees and the airline.

Despite the challenges in reaching an agreement, both the Vida Union and Austrian Airlines are committed to finding a path forward that addresses the concerns of the flying staff while ensuring the airline’s financial stability. The potential for continued disruptions and financial losses underscore the urgency of reaching a resolution before the strike goes into effect next week.

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