Stormy Winds Sweep the Country, Bringing Widespread Alarm and Possible Snowfall in the Mountains

In Croatia today, the weather forecast is predicting moderate to mostly cloudy skies with occasional rain and thunderstorms in some areas. Temperatures will drop in the highest mountains, where sleet and snow are also possible. The precipitation will stop by the end of the day and gradually clear up from the west. The strong south-west wind will switch to the north-west and north, bringing stormy winds, especially at sea.

A yellow weather alert is currently in effect for most of Croatia, except for the Velebit Channel and Central Dalmatia, which are under an orange weather alert. The Karlovy Vary region is the only area without a warning.

The forecast for Thursday and beyond shows that frequent rain will continue in the northern Adriatic until Friday morning, accompanied by stronger winds and potential for cold temperatures and snow in the mountains. Dalmatia will experience variable cloud cover with more frequent rain and thunderstorms during this period.

Traffic restrictions are expected in southern Croatia on Friday due to strong winds and locally abundant showers with thunder. The east of Croatia may also experience instabilities with mostly cloudy skies and possible snowfall on Sunday or Monday.

The coming days are predicted to be colder with morning frost inland, while there will be mostly dry weather for the weekend except for a possibility of precipitation on Monday. Strong winds are expected in the Danube region as well on Monday, along with a new southerly wind and rain on the Adriatic on Monday, while Saturday and Sunday are likely to have mostly sunny skies despite strong winds during those periods.

In summary, travelers should take precautions when traveling through Croatia over this period due to varying weather conditions across different regions of the country.

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