Stockpile of Bananas ensures food supply amid strikes

Stockpile of Bananas ensures food supply amid strikes

In preparation for Easter, stores in Finland have already stocked up on sheep and barbecue products months in advance. Despite the ongoing strikes, major chains like Kesko, Lidl, and S-ryhmä assure customers that there will be no shortage of products for the holiday. Lidl’s director of sales and merchandise management, Akseli Mäkisalo, emphasized that there is no need for hoarding as they have ordered enough stock to meet demand.

The chains have planned ahead and ordered extra goods to ensure availability during the strikes. Kesko’s director of logistics, Jyrki Tomminen, noted that while there may be occasional shortages of certain products, they do not anticipate running out of entire product groups. The stores have also taken into account the predictable eating habits of Finns during the holiday season, making it easier to forecast demand.

Additionally, preparations for the upcoming barbecue season have also been made in advance. S Group’s grocery trade director, Sampo Päällysaho, mentioned that grills were imported to Finland even in the winter months in anticipation of the season. While the port strike may impact some imported goods, such as fruit, measures have been taken to ensure an ample supply of essential items.

Lidl, known for its variety of foreign products, has implemented special transportation arrangements during the strike to maintain supply to stores. Mäkisalo highlighted that Easter seasonal products and other campaign items will continue to be available as usual. Overall, the chains have taken proactive steps to mitigate any potential disruptions and reassure customers of a steady product supply during the strikes.

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