Steveco Oy and Aino Health AB Partner to Promote Sustainability and Employee Well-being through Digital Solutions

Steveco Oy adopts Aino Health’s SaaS solution for its 800 employees

Aino Health AB (publ) has announced that Steveco Oy, a leading logistics company in Finland, has implemented their SaaS-solution for 800 employees. The goal is to promote social sustainability and further strengthen their position as a responsible corporate citizen. Steveco Oy is a leader in transit traffic and transport of wood processing products, and the agreement with Aino Health includes 835 new licenses.

Jyrki Eklund, CEO of Aino Health, is excited about the partnership with Steveco Oy as it highlights the growing interest in digital solutions for improving employee health and well-being. He believes that by using Aino Health’s platform, Steveco can take a more systematic approach to work ability and well-being initiatives, which will ultimately lead to a happier, healthier, and more productive team.

Jyri Lippo, HR Director at Steveco Oy, shares his excitement about the partnership with Aino Health. He emphasizes the importance of social responsibility in their business operations and how taking care of their employees is key to building value in their organization. By prioritizing employee health and well-being through digital solutions like Aino Health’s platform, they aim to stay competitive and relevant while also promoting sustainable practices within their industry.

For more information on this partnership or any other questions about Aino Health or their SaaS-solution for Corporate Health Management, interested parties can contact Jyrki Eklund at +358 40 042 4221 or More information about Aino Health can be found on their website at [](

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