Stebbins Family Strengthens Global Competitiveness at UC Boulder with Endowed Professorship in Artificial Intelligence

Boulder Residents Invest in AI Research in Computer Science

Dick and Jane Stebbins have established an endowed professorship at the University of Colorado to strengthen its global competitiveness. The professorship will focus on advancing research in computer science, specifically in the realm of artificial intelligence within the College of Engineering and Applied Science.

Ken Anderson, the chair of the Department of Computer Science, expressed how this generous gift will enable a faculty member to carry out interdisciplinary research and make groundbreaking advancements that would not have been possible otherwise. Dick Stebbins stressed the importance of the university maintaining technological leadership in a fiercely competitive world to prevent societal decline over time.

The Stebbins family has a deep connection to Boulder, fostered by years of enjoying the natural beauty of the state and participating in outdoor activities like skiing and cycling. They have been actively involved in the Buffalo Bicycle Classic, a scholarship ride that has raised millions of dollars for high-merit and high-need scholarships since its inception in 2003.

Dick Stebbins admires Boulder’s unique charm and community spirit, humorously implying that finding a place that matches Boulder will earn the discoverer a free beer. Jane Stebbins, who worked in residential real estate in Boulder for over four decades, has witnessed firsthand the strong sense of community in the city through its schools, sports programs, and active participation in various activities.

Inspired by their friends’ philanthropic endeavors towards the university, the Stebbins family sees the positive impact that

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