Standout Student-Athlete of the Week from Marion County High School

The stage is set for the emergence of star student-athletes as winter and fall sports vie for our attention. After a weekend of cross country meets, football stands as the last fall sport in the limelight. This leaves long distance runners, football players, and standout soccer players to take center stage.

Notable athletes include three top ten finishers from the cross country state series meet – Preston Wright and Tay’juan Leslie-Farmer, who excelled in their recent regional semifinal football games, and Selvin Banegas Rodas, who led Belleview to an undefeated record in soccer.

To celebrate these outstanding athletes, an audience is encouraged to vote once per hour for their favorite athlete and share the poll on social media so friends and family can join in. Voting closes on Thursday at 2 p.m., with the results posted Friday morning.

As for next steps and crucial game changers, Marion County playoff football teams are highlighted. Preston Wright led in the football category with 4 passing TDs, while Selvin Banegas Rodas led the soccer category with 4 goals and 1 assist in 3 games. Additionally, the achievements of numerous other athletes from various sports are recognized – Hunter Duncan in soccer, Cedric McFadden in cross country, and Gianna Meccia in soccer.

With such a wide array of talent on display, it is clear that these star student-athletes are making an impact on their respective sports and should be a joy to watch in future competitions.

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