Southland Ribeye Steak Takes Home Top Worldwide Honors

Last week at the World Steak Challenge in London, Pure South’s steak was recognized for its quality and won the titles of best grass-fed steak and best ribeye steak. This beef, sourced from Alliance Group’s Pukeuri plant in Oamaru and aged for up to 55 days in a vacuum bag, was one of six winners in the global contest. The recognition highlights the exceptional quality of the product and underscores the hard work and dedication of farmers and producers at Alliance Group.

Shane Kingston, general manager sales and marketing at Alliance Group, expressed gratitude for the accolades received by Pure South’s award-winning steak. He emphasized that these awards validate the efforts put into producing high-quality red meat by farmers. The ribeye steak, priced at around $25 for 500g, stood out for its unprecedented tenderness and unique flavor profile that is buttery, creamy, zesty, and robust. It is a top choice for meat enthusiasts looking for a satisfying meal experience.

The recognition of Pure South’s award-winning steak at the World Steak Challenge speaks to the high standards set by Alliance Group when it comes to producing premium grass-fed beef. Winning in two categories highlights their commitment to excellence and their dedication to providing consumers with exceptional products. The ribeye steak specifically stands out due to its unique flavor profile, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a flavorful meal option.

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