South Florida Hospitals Celebrate Rare Leap Day Births: One at Cape Coral Hospital and 28 at HealthPark Medical Center

Lee Health in Fort Myers announces births of Leap Day babies in 2024

This past Leap Day, February 29th, saw the birth of several babies across South Florida. At Cape Coral Hospital, a single baby was born, making it the only Leap Day baby delivered there in 2024. It was a boy and CafeYou in Cape Coral delivered a cake to the family to celebrate the special occasion. HealthPark Medical Center in Fort Myers set a record for the most babies delivered in one day, with a total of 28 babies born, including one baby born at home that was later admitted. Out of these newborns, there were 15 girls and 13 boys.

During the previous Leap Day in 2020, there were just two babies delivered at Cape Coral Hospital and 12 born at HealthPark, with an even split of six boys and six girls. The next Leap Year will be in 2028 when Leap Day falls on Tuesday, February 29th. Leap years occur every four years unless it falls on a century year that cannot be divided by four. The next leap year after 2028 will be in 2032 when Leap Day falls on Sunday, February 29th. These newborns will have to wait until their first birthday before they can blow out candles on their cake.

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