Slovenian Media Excited: ‘Mission Complete, Zmajček Heading to Germany’ on Euro+

Slovenia made history by qualifying for the European Championship with a 2-1 victory over Kazakhstan in a tense match at Stožice. After 24 years of waiting, the Slovenian team had finally earned their spot in a major competition, and the entire country was ecstatic. The win was met with enthusiasm by the Slovenian media, who hailed it as the greatest success of the Slovenian football team.

The second half of the game was unconvincing, but Kazakhstan failed to capitalize on their chances. In the 72nd minute, Benjamin Verbič scored the winning goal with a shot from the left side, creating a wave of excitement among fans. The Slovenian footballers were warmly welcomed back in Ljubljana, and their achievement was widely celebrated in the media.

The news of Slovenia’s qualification spread throughout the region, with neighboring countries also acknowledging their success. The victory over Kazakhstan pushed Serbia to fourth place, further highlighting the significance of Slovenia’s accomplishment. The Slovenian media lauded the team’s achievement, emphasizing that after 24 years, they had once again qualified for a major competition. This momentous occasion in Slovenian football history will be remembered for years to come.

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