Silence in Beijing: Premier Li Qiang Skips NPC Press Briefing for First Time in Three Decades, Raising Concerns over Chinese Government’s Information Control

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Beijing is hosting the annual National People’s Congress (NPC) this week, marking one of China’s most significant political events. The Chinese Communist Party’s official People’s Daily newspaper has released a list of buzzwords for the event, highlighting the importance of tracking slogans and phrases from government and party documents to comprehend Chinese policymaking.

Amid tightened control over information, it is necessary to analyze these indicators for insights. However, there is a noticeable absence this year – Li Qiang, the premier, will not be holding a press briefing at the NPC for the first time in thirty years. This change eliminates an opportunity for the public to engage with one of China’s highest-ranking officials and underscores growing restrictions on information from the Chinese government. It also highlights challenges faced by those seeking transparency and accountability in the political system.

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