Saudi Arabia Warns Israel Against Military Incursion in Rafah, Calls for Immediate Ceasefire to Prevent Humanitarian Disaster

Saudi Arabia issues warning to Israel over potential ground incursion into Rafah

The Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia has issued a stern warning to Israel regarding a potential ground incursion by its military forces into the city of Rafah. The Ministry stated that such an incursion would be “extremely dangerous” for the civilian population and could escalate the conflict in the Palestinian enclave. They also recommended an early meeting of the United Nations Security Council to address the announcement made by the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, about preparations for a military ground operation in the city.

In addition to issuing a warning to Israel, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a statement on its social media account X, expressing concern for the safety of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who have been displaced from their homes. They called Rafah the last safe haven for these individuals and emphasized the need for immediate action to prevent further displacement and protect the civilian population.

The Ministry also renewed their call for an immediate ceasefire and expressed their understanding of the need for international organizations to take action to prevent a humanitarian disaster. Saudi Arabia’s stance on this situation is clear and they are urging international organizations to take action to protect displaced Palestinians and prevent further escalation of conflict.

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister condemned Israeli bombing as “deliberate violations” of international laws and urged immediate action by international organizations to stop it.

He emphasized that Rafah is not only home to Palestinians but also holds immense historical significance for Muslims worldwide.

The Saudi government also called on Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reconsider his plans for a military operation in Rafah as it could lead to even more destruction and displacement.

Furthermore, he stressed that any actions taken against Palestinian refugees will have severe consequences not only for them but also for global peace and stability.

Therefore, Saudi Arabia is calling upon all nations involved in this conflict resolution process, including Israel, Palestine, regional powers, and international bodies such as UN Security Council, EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, US Secretary Mike Pompeo among others

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