Saudi Arabia Condemns Israel’s Plans to Extend Gaza Strip Military Offensive and Urges UN Meeting to Prevent Humanitarian Catastrophe

Saudis criticize attack in Rafah and urge action from the Security Council

Saudi Arabia strongly condemns Israel’s plans to extend its military offensive to Rafah in the Gaza Strip and has called for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. The Saudi Foreign Ministry warned of the dangerous repercussions of attacking Rafah, which is home to hundreds of thousands of civilians displaced by Israeli aggression.

The ministry’s statement expressed categorical rejection and strong condemnation of the forced displacement of the enclave’s inhabitants and called for an immediate ceasefire. The statement also underlined the need for the UN Security Council to meet urgently to prevent Israel from provoking a humanitarian catastrophe.

Saudi Arabia, which conditions the establishment of relations with Israel on international recognition of a Palestinian state in the territories occupied in 1967, has expressed concern about a possible expansion of the Israeli offensive in Rafah. Both the UN and the United States have expressed concern about a possible expansion of the Israeli offensive, with the US State Department warning that a military operation without adequate planning for the evacuation of civilians would be disastrous.

Israel plans to extend its military offensive to Rafah, where around 1.7 million people are crowded, most of them already evacuated from other parts of the enclave. The move comes as tensions between Israel and Palestine continue to escalate, with recent clashes resulting in dozens of deaths and injuries on both sides.

The consultative meeting on the Gaza Strip with five Arab countries and the Palestinian National Authority emphasized the need to protect Palestinian civilians and asserted that

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