Ryanair’s Bold Approach to Social Media: What the Controversial Post About Prince William Tells Us About the Airline’s Willingness to Take Risks

Former Ryanair Employee Reveals the Company Deleted Prince William Tweet Following Palace Complaint

In 2022, Irish airline Ryanair faced criticism after making a post about Prince William on social media. Kensington Palace requested that the tweet be taken down due to concerns about defamation, but Ryanair refused to apologize for the post and instead chose to delete it as per the palace’s request.

Ryanair’s former head of social media, Michael Corcoran, revealed that he kept the language vague in the viral X post to avoid legal repercussions. Despite the controversy, Ryanair continued with its history of provocative social media posts.

Corcoran shared that he received a call from Kensington Palace while playing with his dog, informing him of the situation. The palace asked for a public apology or a statement from Ryanair’s CEO to explain the post. However, Ryanair opted to remove the tweet without issuing an apology, and the palace thanked the airline for complying.

The incident highlights Ryanair’s bold approach to online engagement and its willingness to take risks in order to attract attention and generate buzz. While both Ryanair and Kensington Palace declined immediate comments on the incident when requested by Business Insider, it is clear that this incident has left a lasting impression on both parties.

Ryanair continues to face criticism for its provocative social media posts, which have become increasingly controversial over time. As such, it will be interesting to see how this airline navigates these challenges moving forward and whether they will change their tactics or continue on their current path of risk-taking behavior online.

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