Russia and China Consider Nuclear Energy on Lunar Surface to Power Future Settlements

Plan to Place Nuclear Reactor on Moon: Russia and China collaborate for historic project

The possibility of placing a nuclear reactor on the moon to support future lunar settlements is under consideration by Russia and China, according to Yuri Borisov, director of the Russian space agency Roskosmos. Borisov, a former deputy defense minister, said that both countries have been working together on the development of a lunar program for some time, with Moscow contributing its expertise in nuclear space energy.

The idea of delivering and installing an energy reactor on the lunar surface is being explored by the two nations. However, Borisov highlighted that solar panels may not be sufficient to provide enough electricity to sustain future lunar settlements. As a result, nuclear energy could be a viable alternative. The project must be completed without human presence involved.

In addition to this project, Russia plans to build a nuclear-powered cargo spaceship equipped with a nuclear reactor and powerful turbines. This massive structure would transport heavy payloads between orbits, collect space debris and perform various tasks. Despite Russia’s recent setback in its lunar mission with Luna-25 crashing after losing control, the country remains committed to advancing its space exploration efforts.

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