RSGS to Showcase Cutting-Edge C-UAS Systems in DHS CORE Demonstration

Participation of Rafael Systems Global Sustainment in CUAS CORE Technology Demonstration

Rafael Systems Global Sustainment LLC (RSGS) has been chosen by the DHS Science and Technology Directorate Counter-Unmanned Aircraft (C-UAS) Capability Optimization Research Environment (CORE) to participate in the C-UAS CORE Technology Demonstration. This event, which will take place from March 18 to 22, 2024 at Fort Wolters, TX, aims to showcase the effectiveness of RSGS’s DRONE DOME and SKY SPOTTER systems.

The DRONE DOME is a cutting-edge C-UAS system that offers a comprehensive solution against hostile drones. It uses advanced technology for drone detection, identification, neutralization, and interception. On the other hand, SKY SPOTTER is a passive Early Warning System with a high probability of detection and a very low false alarm rate. It is used in various missions as part of the fixed national network of airspace management or as a standalone Automatic Sense and Warn application for Force Protection supporting C-UAS and ground-based air defense (GBAD) operations.

Both the DRONE DOME and SKY SPOTTER systems have been proven effective in combat situations, providing global and homeland defense against air threats. These systems cover critical airspace and safety concerns. Designed by Rafael, the products are robust and modular, allowing for easy scalability and customization.

RSGS was established in 2019 as a U.S. proxy company subsidiary and authorized broker for Rafael Advanced Defense Systems in Israel. The company aims to serve the North American market by delivering tested

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